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With London Fasion Week on the horizon it’s a good time to think about what to wear in the hot yoga studio. A lot of people come in for the first time in tee-shirts and jogging bottoms. By the end of utkatasana they usually realise that when it comes to clothes less is more in Bikram yoga. So the quest begins to find comfortable workout wear that can endure the rigours of 90 minutes in a furnace.

The right workout gear has to be comfortable and practical, but it can also provide a pop of colour and lift your mood. When you look great, you perform better — even in yoga! Women are lucky to have a wide range of brands to choose from. Rachel Myer’s Urbanyoga site is a great place to find funky, sexy gear.

Men don’t have quite the same variety available. But my go-to brands are Quiksilver and Orlebar Brown (which is launching a womenswear line soon).

I’d love to get your thoughts and recommendations on what to wear, your favourite brands, and where you shop.
Please respond in the comments section and I’ll publish the responses in a future post!