We had such an amazing time on this year’s Yoga Holiday With Paul retreat that writer & Bikram yogi Cila Warncke is helping me put together a memoir. We’ve been getting feedback from all the students who experienced the week and here are a few of the comments that made me smile:
“It was wonderful to get to know the others – the group couldn’t have been better! As someone else commented, it was as if you had chosen guests for a dinner party.” ~Vedrana & Matt Riley

“I wanted to relight my yoga fire, improve my practice and meet new people. I’m happy that I met all of my goals.” ~Jane Sharp

“[It was] Fun, relaxing, warm (both the people and the weather), sociable, memorable.” ~Brad Greenfield

“As with last year, the holiday was like a book you don’t want to end; relaxing, invigorating, inspiring, hysterical and emotional! Unlike a good book, my legs were killing me on Saturday!” ~Barbara Staruk