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One of the enjoyable things about the recent Yoga With Paul retreat was the opportunity to introduce some of my students to therapies like deep tissue massage. For those of you who have never tried it, here are a few of the benefits:
deep tissue massage
Release Muscle Tension

If suffer from muscle tension, cramps or other chronic muscle pain, deep tissue massage techniques can offer significant relief. Since this massage involves appropriate pressure being applied solely on the affected areas, it triggers circulation in the area which loosens the muscles, providing instant relief. This is especially beneficial to athletes who often suffer from muscle injuries.

Increase Blood Circulation

Deep tissue massage techniques involve intensive application of pressure and the therapist often uses elbows, knuckles, forearms and hands to apply pressure to touch deep muscle tissues. This action triggers circulation of blood and oxygen in your body, thereby, releasing toxins trapped underneath. Increased blood and oxygen circulation in the body promotes healing.

Increase Range of Motion

If you suffer from muscle stiffness or arthritis, deep tissue massage can be beneficial in unlocking the strained muscles. The stroking of the affected area and the frequent pressure with or against the muscle fibers helps loosen the tissues, providing enhanced movement. This is a boon for athletes suffer from overuse problems.

Improve Body Posture

Deep tissue massage helps unseat the deeply held patterns of the muscles in your body. Massage elongates muscle tissues and helps realign the body to a correct posture. This leads to improved body posture.

Improve Emotional Health

Massages are relaxing but deep tissue massage goes a step higher by reaching a layer deeper during the massage process. A trained therapist can “unlock” the tension in your muscle tissues, fibers and tendons by sharing positive energy with you through their touch.