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Summer is a great time to cut back on bread products, which require a lot of water and energy for your system to digest — two things that you definitely can use more of in the Bikram Studio!

This recipe raw cabbage and hummus wrap recipe is from a terrific blog called In Pursuit of More, which is all about clean, economic, healthful, mindful vegetarian eating. As the ‘about’ page says:

Celebrating simple whole foods in their freshest state is what this blog is all about, as well as enjoying everything in moderation and with gratitude.

As a food lover who lives to provide friends and family with nutritious & tasty meals, I believe that eating well should be accessible to all, and that cooking & eating healthfully needn’t be expensive or complicated.

The recipe is a great one for warm summer days (if we ever get any) and can easily be jazzed up with spices, seasonings, different kinds of vegetables, etc

In Pursuit of More – cabbage wraps

Raw cabbage and hummus wraps

(1) head green cabbage
(1) recipe Lime Zest & Sundried Tomato Hummus (or your fave hummus or bean dip)
(1) red bell pepper, seeded & sliced thinly
(1/2) small red onion, sliced thinly
(4) cups fresh sprouts (I used sunflower & pea shoots from the Food Pedallers – gorgeous sprouts!)
toothpicks, for holding the wraps closed

Start by rinsing the whole head of cabbage under cold water to freshen it up. Peel the wilted outer leaves and either set aside for use later or discard. To release the cabbage leaves, start by coring the cabbage at the stem end. To do this, simple cut a square with a sharp knife all around the stem of the cabbage and insert the knife about 1/3 into the cabbage. This should loosen the core enough so that you can pull it out with your hands. Once removed, discard the core.

Carefully peel the cabbage leaves off the cabbage starting with the outside ones and working your way in (don’t worry if there is a tear here and there). Once you have about 12 leaves, you might be at the center of the cabbage where the leaves are no longer big enough. Set the leaves you are using aside and save your new mini cabbage heart for a salad or slaw later.

Once your ingredients are all prepared, start filling those babies up. Simply spoon about a heaping tbsp or so of hummus into the base of each wrap, right down the center of each cabbage leaf, spreading evenly and leaving space on either end. Then add your onion & pepper slices (about 2-3 each) and finish with a generous handful of sprouts.