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According to the late writer Kurt Vonnegut ‘practicing an art, however well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow.’ He recommended singing in the shower or writing a poem, ‘even a lousy poem.’

As a Bikram yoga student, you already know all about practice, about the discipline of being present. If you’ve just come off the Yoga Holiday with Paul retreat, you will have a fresh appreciation of the value of total immersion in the creative act. Make no mistake, Bikram yoga is a creative act. You are remaking your mind and body with every posture. The beauty of creativity is that it engenders creativity. So as a yogi, you are well on your way to being creative in other fields. This week, try a new creative endeavour. Sketch. Dance. Bake a cake. Take a photo.

Use the energy you derive from yoga to feed this experiment then bring the mindfulness, dexterity, and concentration of this new practice back into the studio. You’ll be surprised at the power of creativity in action!

Please share your creative adventures in the comments section 🙂