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After many months of preparation and anticipation we’re at Quinta Mimosa, in the Algarve, enjoying the annual Yoga Holiday with Paul.

I’m a little busy teaching 🙂 So don’t expect more than a quick note or two here on the blog. I wanted to share this thought for my friends and students who aren’t lucky enough to be with us in the sunshine…
you can have a “yoga holiday” anywhere.
ilha deserta beach
If you want something different and special, there are ways to add that to your practice, wherever you are:

+Pick one day to do a double, then spoil yourself with a massage afterwards.
+Get on Twitter and find some new Bikram yoga buddies to follow (start with me if you like: @Paulibosa)
+Prepare a special vegan/clean-food meal that you’ve been wanting to try.
+Treat yourself to a new yoga mat/towel/outfit.
+Try a class at a studio you’ve never been to before.
+Find a spot in a sunny park and loll there, weather permitting.
+Weather not permitting, spend a few minutes on a sunbed to boost your mood and vitamin D level.
+Go to your Google calendar for June 2014 and write ‘Bikram yoga holiday’ – then start planning

I’d love to hear about your ‘holiday’ — please share in the comments section!