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I always enjoy learning about other people’s experiences of Bikram. My favourite testimonials are from my students, but the web is also a great place to read inspiring and informative stories about different practices. This article about combining running and Bikram yoga caught my eye. It is does a great job of discussing how the two complement each other and if you’re a runner, a yogi, or a bit of both, I think you’ll enjoy it. Read the full article here:

The Dichotomous Union of Running and Bikram Yoga

While preparing for the next half-marathon in 2010, I found myself in the midst of a 60 day Bikram challenge at my studio. I was attending class at least once per day, while also running up and around Stone Mountain. I abandoned all other cross-training activities. My yoga practice was at its peak, as were my speed and endurance. I was injury free and my friends and acquaintances often remarked that I was “glowing”- not the pregnant glow; the healthier than ever glow. I finished this race with a great time and no injuries. Later that day, I even attended a Bikram class. Yes, I did! My instructor and I agreed that even a 90 minute savasana in the heat would be valuable. I did much more that that, pressing through each pose with strength, poise and determination. I did not sit out of one posture and I left feeling better than I had after any race. The class was a beneficial as any post-race massage. I believed in Bikram! I continued the second half of my challenge, only missing the last few classes because of a busy travel schedule… to a another race in another city. When I returned, Bikram was a essential part of my recovery.