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It’s no secret that some of the easiest looking poses in Bikram yoga are the hardest in practice. Heck, if it was as easy as it looks we wouldn’t be here — we’d have gotten bored and wandered off long ago.
Take full locust pose (poorna salhabasana), all you do is look up and raise your arms and legs. Easy? Not so fast! This is actually one of the most difficult poses to improve and requires dedication and concentration.

The key to improving and properly engaging your spine is to keep your limbs strong and straight, as you would in a standing posture. Keep your thighs tight, heels together, triceps contracted, with every muscle working in harmony.

When you go up it is critical to always look up in this pose. This keeps you in correct alignment and will help you gradually build the posture.
Remember, where your eyes go your body will follow!

You may not notice the difference on a daily basis but every time you practice you’re adding a little bit of fuel to that 747 and one day you will soar effortlessly!