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Something that I have noticed during teaching lately is students rushing to get into and get out of postures. In a way, this doesn’t surprise me. You wouldn’t get up at 7AM to do Bikram yoga, or come to the class at the end of a long day, if you didn’t have drive and energy. But don’t confuse the benefits of pushing yourself outside the studio with the need to hurry once you’re inside!
slow down
A Bikram yoga class is always 90 minutes. We always do the same postures in the same order. If you rush into the pose ahead of the dialogue, or bounce out early, all you do is break the rhythm of group.

Your hot yoga practice is one place where there is no prize for finishing first. Instead, the aim — the discipline — is to fully engage with dialogue and move mindfully. Be patient. Take two or three seconds of stillness and balance as you move in and out of the poses. Breathe. Then move with the breath into the following posture calmly and easily.

This may take some discipline for all you busy, type A overachievers but I promise you will feel the benefit!