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I want to thank Cydney for her comment on Yoga With Injuries, which inspired this blog post. She asked:

What are the main injuries you see in Bikram and what are the best modifications for said injuries?

eagle pose
In my experience students come to practice yoga with all sort of ailments, both physical and mental. Among the most common injuries are back and hamstring problems — many of them as a result of other sports, such as running. A lot of people also come in looking for help with stress and nervous complaints, for example headaches, insomnia, and so forth.

These issues can range from life-threatening to bumps and bruises, so it is impossible to give general advice about the best modifications. Each person is different and each recovery process will be also.

The key in Bikram yoga is to remember: “No Pain No Strain.”

With any medical issue you should always consult your health care professional before starting yoga. Then — and this is very important — TELL YOUR YOGA TEACHER! Bikram yoga is a healing practice. As long as we know what you are facing we can advise you on modifications and options to help your body heal itself.