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Giving-quoteGiving is something we usually think of in relationship to special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas. But giving can be so much more than that, if we make it an integral part of our daily life.

Give, Give, Give

There is a universal law that the more you give the more you receive. Most people only give and love while expecting something in return… that’s not called love; that’s called a contract! When you give freely, it takes the attention away from your ego, opens the heart and raises your vibration.

We can cultivate giving in every aspect of our lives — starting in the Bikram studio. Next time you practice think about giving yourself to each pose, and giving your positive energy to the other students. Then take that attitude out into the world and practice being open and generous in your work, friendships and family.

What can you do today to be a more giving person? I’d love to hear your comments!