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lulu trousers
I can’t help but chuckle at the news that Lululemon has recalled some of its yoga trousers in the USA for being too see-through. How did they decide this? Were people watching themselves in studio mirrors and seeing more than they wanted to? Or were Lululemon-clad yogis frightening the children on their way to class?

Whatever the case, it raises a couple of valuable points:

First, you don’t need expensive gear to do yoga. Name-brand wear may be more stylish than old gym shorts and a tee-shirt, but ultimately all you need from your Bikram yoga gear is fit and function. If it covers the essentials and you’re comfortable that’s all that matters.

Second, you should take every opportunity to eliminate distractions. Ideally, you are so focused on your breath and your practice that what you – or anyone else – is wearing is irrelevant. Next time you catch your eyes wandering in class, consciously return to the poses. Concentration is cheaper than buying new clothes!