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The runners among you know all about cross-training, which is using sports like cycling, swimming or aerobics to enhance your running fitness and give your body a break. It works for Bikram yoga, too.

One of my regular students recently tried out some vinyasa flow yoga and told me: “I thought it would be easy compared to Bikram but boy was I wrong!” Despite the gentle pace of the class she found the new poses, and variations on familiar moves such as eagle pose to be a real challenge.


In Bikram, as in life, we only grow and improve by pushing our comfort zones. If your practice feels comfortable or – heaven forbid – easy, it is probably time to try something new. This is one of the reasons I became a Dharma Mittra yoga teacher — learning a completely different yoga improved my Bikram practice and overall well-being.

Have you tried yoga cross-training? Was there a particular style that worked well with Bikram? Please leave your comments or questions below!