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breatheThe breath is the life force and the energy of the body, without it we would not exist. As we come into the world we inhale and as we leave the planet we exhale.

If you breath rapidly or quickly during your yoga practice.  You will find that you over exert the body. Making you want to sit out.  Reconnect with your breathing calm, steady and even.  So you can enjoy the journey, and the journey is just as important as the destination. So move into and out of postures slowly, gracefully and consciously. A voiding injury and be aware and mindful of your yoga practice.

The breath initiates the movement.  Don’t hold your breath during the posture, breathe into the posture.  Let go of the emotion and let the breath carry you through your yoga practice. You will soon understand your body, and be aware of how to use your breath and move as one. Breathing assists the work of stretching muscle tissue, and your awareness of those effects directs you to make small adjustments in the posture. During yoga practice, breathe through the nose smoothly, evenly and quietly. Have patients and enjoy your yoga practice.