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One thing I’ve noticed teaching Bikram hot yoga is that there is an inverse relationship between the time of day a class is and the amount of water the average student brings with them. In my 7AM class most students bring one small bottle of water. As the day goes on the size, and sometimes quantity, of bottles increases. By evening students some students are practically lugging in a water barrel!
bottled water
Everyone is different, of course, and some people feel the need to drink more, but I think it’s fair to say that the more experienced students — who are often the ones getting up at 6AM every day for class — tend to drink less.

It happened in my own yoga practice. As a beginner, I felt the heat and drank a lot of water. Now, I hardly ever take a sip during a class. The difference is partly mental, partly physical, but if you drink a lot in class I would challenge you to cut back.

Bring a smaller bottle of water to class, or sip instead of gulp. Note the changes in your discipline. You might find that are less weighed down and more focused, because you aren’t always hitting the bottle!

What are your thoughts? If you have any questions about how much you should be drinking, leave a comment, or tweet me @Paulibosa.