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If you’re trying to sort out your diet or weight it helps to think about what you should eat. Eating superfoods will build strength and wellness, and help cut cravings for fatty, salty, sugary foods that sabotage your health.

Stir-fry with ginger

Stir-fry with ginger

Ginger is a great superfood for yoga practitioners – especially in winter. It fights coughs and sore throats; eases congestion; is anti-inflammatory; and relieves upset stomachs.

You can buy root ginger at most greengrocers for a couple of quid a kilo (!) and use it in a variety of ways. A few slices in boiling water is a great infusion (add lemon and/or honey for a throat-soothing drink). I like to blend a bit into smoothies, add it to winter soups such as butternut squash, or grate a bit into a stir-fry. Ginger is also delicious and bracing in fresh juices.

Smoothie recipes with Ginger