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Eat well and be happy

Eat well and be happy

A lot of people have an “I exercise so I can eat what I like” attitude — even well-rounded Bikram yogis who should (probably) know better. To an extent it’s true that regular practice can make up for a multitude of indulgences, at least in terms of keeping body fat down and muscle tone up.

What many don’t know, however, is that what you eat has a critical influence on your mood. Not just because feeling fat will make you grumpy, but because 95% of your body’s serotonin – the ‘happiness’ neurotrasmitter – is located in your gut. “A big part of our emotions are probably influenced by the nerves in our gut,” according to Scientific American.

That puts the hazards of junk food in a whole new light, doesn’t it? Not only will processed, unhealthy, hard-to-digest food clog your arteries and pile on pounds, but it can actually make you depressed.

The good news is that the reverse is true too: nourishing yourself with clean, wholesome foods will literally lift your spirits.