There is only so much you can say in 90 minutes — especially when you’re teaching a Bikram yoga class. My friends and regulars know I usually manage to include a few unscripted remarks but it occurred to me that a blog is an even better way to connect with all of you. No time pressure, no agenda, just a chance to discuss the wonderful world outside the hot yoga studio.

Every beginning is a leap into the unknown. No doubt the YogaWithPaul blog will change and grow beyond my expectations. I hope so anyway. What would life be without the gift of serendipitous change?

But just so we know what we’re all getting into… you can look forward to my thoughts on Bikram yoga, of course, as well as other styles of yoga practice. There will be regular updates on my yoga holiday in the Algarve, general health and fitness chit chat, forays into food, cookery, fashion, photography, observations about London life, snippets on my favourite hangouts and lots more.

The blog is also your chance to talk back after those 90 silent minutes. Comment, Tweet, reblog. Tell me what you’re thinking!